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This is a new site given over entirely to collections of photographs that have been taken in the Finglas Area covering a period of over 70 years. I enclose albums of photographs of up to 100 photos per album (max) per event. I have endeavoured to organise the photos to show Finglas Life of today and of yesteryear. I have over the years been invited to take photographs of so many different events that were used for a short time after the event. I still have the pictures and so many have queried this resource and with the help of Dublin City Council I have put this collection online for all to see. (Tony Smullen)

Using this site:
We hope that these collections of photographs will provoke good memories and inspire conversations. We further hope that when you look through the photographs you will recongnise people and places, from events and ceremonies in the Finglas Area. We commit to updating this site regularly and would welcome your comments and indeed your photographs that we could put up in our gallery and include as part of this growing collection. We would be happy to host your collections of local photographs from any and all events, (though we couldn't guarantee publishing of all).
You can send your photos / comments to us at

All albums can be locarted by searching through the index.

Most recently Uploaded Photos

Uploaded June 4th 2018
Album 14 Other Parish Events.
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Album 5
Uploaded on June 16th

It is with the kindness, support and gentle suggestion of the DCC that we are able to bring you the Story of Finglas in pictures.
On the right is a selection of pictures that can be found amongst the albums contained in the site. This website celebrates Parish events, historical events, sports, schools, teams, clubs, shows, farms, factories, pubs, shops, homes and most importantly the People of Finglas. Browse and share. Perhaps you have a photo of interest please please please share it with us. Email us and we'll take it from there.
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